15 Organization Ideas for Your Nursery

September 29, 2021

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You’ve likely heard—or will hear if you’re expecting—“babies don’t really need that much stuff!” When I was expecting our first baby, all my friends who were moms kept telling me it’s not until your kids are older and have a bunch of toys that you start piling up a bunch of stuff. While there may be some truth to this, new moms tend to be overwhelmed with how much stuff there actually is. As a result, new moms will appreciate these organization ideas for your nursery.

I think most moms would agree that the amount of stuff typically found in a nursery is shocking considering how small babies are. Although tiny, babies are messy and require a lot of essentials—for feeding, diapering, clothing, bathing, sleeping, playing…the list goes on.

As a recently new mom myself, I can’t express the importance of maximizing space and getting organized. Don’t wait until after baby arrives to tidy up or you’ll end up like me with a completely chaotic nursery closet that I’ll get around to organizing one day…

Let’s take a look at 15 organization ideas for your nursery.

Organization ideas for your nursery dresser. Use dividers and labels.
image via Neat Method

1. Use dividers and labels in your dresser.

Your changing table likely doubles as a dresser, which is great for maximizing space. However, you’ll likely notice the drawers are way too big for such tiny clothes and essentials. Grab some adjustable drawer dividers to keep everything tidy. It’s also helpful to label everything. When you’re home with a newborn, your brain won’t always be awake, so these simple labels can help make sure you grab a bodysuit instead of a changing pad cover when trying to dress baby (true story—it all looks alike when it’s folded up!).

Use floating bookshelves to organize your nursery
image via Kim Marie Byrd

2. Hang floating bookshelves.

Floating bookshelves are a great way to save space, and they can store much more than books. Hang them near you’re changing table to have an easy-to-reach spot for diapering essentials. Or use them to display baby mementos. Or you can use them as the name intends—to store books. The possibilities are endless with floating bookshelves, and they’re a great way to add character to a blank wall. Just be sure they’re out of baby’s reach and have some sort of rail or lip to ensure everything’s secure.

Use baskets to organize your nursery
image via RH Baby

3. Store toys in cute baskets.

Baskets, baskets, and more baskets. When designing Zach’s nursery, I knew I wanted a few cute baskets to casually have on the floor for stuffed animals. Little did I know how many cute baskets exist and just how useful they can be. Whether you need to store plush toys, wooden blocks, or swaddle blankets, you can find cute baskets in just about every size, shape, and color.

Organization ideas for your nursery closet.
image via White Loft

4. Use dividers to sort hanging clothes.

Sometimes the size change between newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months (and so on) clothes isn’t as noticeable as you’d think. That’s where dividers come in handy. Even if you’re using a dresser to store clothes, you’ll probably have too-small and too-big pieces hanging. Using these baby clothes dividers helps you organize by size and quickly find what you’re looking for.

Organization ideas for your nursery closet
image via Cozy Nursery

5. DIY a closet system to maximize space.

If you have a generic closet with only a couple hanging rods and shelves, it can be extremely helpful to install a more useful closet system. Consider hiring a closet company or carpenter, DIY a full system from a store like Container Store or IKEA, or use a cube bookcase to add space. If that all seems too ambitious, opt for stackable plastic drawers to create a makeshift dresser. Take advantage of any wall space and use hooks to hang hats, bows, headbands, or other accessories. Get creative because there’s often a lot of valuable, yet wasted, space in closets. Out of all these organization ideas for your nursery, this is one of the most valuable options in my opinion.

image via The Homebody House

6. Use bins to store unused items.

As the pile of outgrown items gets bigger or you realize you have things you aren’t actually using, bins will become your best friend. Rather than watching your space get smaller and smaller with the unused items piling up, utilize bins to store them and place them out of the way on that impossible-to-reach top closet shelf.

Organization ideas for your nursery closet
image via Project Nursery

7. Add extra storage to the inside of closet doors.

Add even more storage to your closet with over-the-door systems. These are great for storing just about anything. Make this your first aid spot with all the medical essentials. Or store accessories like socks and scratch mittens that would get lost in dresser drawers.

Organization ideas for your nursery changing table
image via Etsy

8. Have a dedicated diapering station.

Moms know diapering requires more than diapers. That’s why it’s a must to find a way to have a diapering “station.” Typically that’d be a dresser/changing table, but whatever your set up is, just make sure you have everything you need in one convenient location so you can grab necessary items with one hand. Think diapers, wipes, burp cloths or washcloths (especially useful for mothers of boys to avoid accidental sprays—it’ll happen!), diaper rash cream or ointment, and any other essentials.

image via Room for Tuesday

9. Place a hamper near your changing table.

Bad news for those who hate laundry…it becomes almost a daily chore with little ones. Keep a cute laundry hamper within tossing distance from your changing table to easily pile up dirty clothes—trust me, there will be a lot!

image via Bless’er House

10. Use a glass jar as storage for pacifiers.

Pacifiers are just one of those things that tend to get misplaced since they’re often launched from your baby’s mouth…sometimes a pretty impressive distance! As an item you’re constantly needing to replace with a clean, fresh one, pacifiers need to be in a spot you can easily grab one from. Try using a glass jar or other little container on a shelf or changing table for easy access.

image via Project Nursery

11. Have a wire basket next to your nursing chair.

Once you’re situated in the chair, it’ll be hard (or very inconvenient at least) to get up in the middle of a feed. Keep a wire basket within arm’s reach that contains essentials like burp cloths, swaddle blankets, or whatever other items you tend to frequently need.

image via The Bump

12. Utilize the space under your crib.

It’s often overlooked, but many cribs have ample storage space underneath for either cute baskets or plastic bins hidden by a crib skirt. This can be a handy place to store items you don’t necessarily need that often but want somewhere closer than the garage or attic.

image via Etsy

13. Use clothespins to keep separates together.

Let’s face it…baby clothes are small and easy to misplace. To make your life easier, use clothespins when hanging clothes to keep separate pieces of an outfit together. Think about pairing a top with pants, or a bodysuit with matching hat. This is my favorite in this list of organization ideas for your nursery!

image via Craftsy Hacks

14. Store non-essentials elsewhere.

Whatever items you can live without having very easy and convenient access to, store them elsewhere if you’re able to. You’ll be so grateful when the nursery feels a little less cluttered. Big ticket items here include extra boxes of diapers, boxes of wipes, strollers, and so on. Make use of your attic or garage—if you have either—or utilize a somewhat empty closet or cabinet somewhere else in your home.

image via Target

15. Diaper pail = trash can.

This is such a simple hack that many moms can’t praise enough. Why add a trash can to the nursery when there’s already a diaper pail functioning for the same purpose? Of course it may depend on the specific diaper pail you have, but ones like the oh-so-loved Ubbi makes the most convenient double duty diaper pail and trash can if I do say so myself. Occasionally you’ll need a bigger trash can for something that doesn’t fit, but I think you’ll find that’s rare enough that it’s better to forget the additional item (the good ole trash can) you have to somehow find space for.

Share your thoughts.

Out of these 15 organization ideas for your nursery, which is your favorite? Have you tried or are you going to try any of these ideas? Share any of your favorite hacks, tips, or ideas.

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